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Whiteleaf and Cadsden Resident’s Association (WCRA) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) registration number 12540390. You can view our Certificate of Incorporation and our Memorandum of Association and Articles. The latter incorporates the WCRA Constitution which was agreed in 2017.


  • Maintain the character of the villages of Whiteleaf and Cadsden.
  • Provide a friendly medium for discussion and solution of issues affecting the community.
  • Act as a convenient link with local bodies.
  • To provide community help and assistance, as necessary, to those in need.
  • To promote interaction and cohesion (via organisation and/or support) of community social events, for the benefit of improved community relations.

Membership is open to all residents of Whiteleaf and Cadsden and others who may own properties in the hamlets and who support the objectives of the Association.

The Committee is elected by the Members of the Association and each member of the Committee serves for three years after which they may offer themselves for re-election.    The current Committee who are directors of WCRA CIC, to whom any issues or concerns may be addressed are :

More information about the role of being a Director of WCRA CIC can be found in here.

At the AGM of the WCRA, held in 2003 it was agreed that annual subscriptions would no longer be collected, but that newcomers to the hamlets of Whiteleaf and Cadsden,  after January 2003, should be invited to join the Association and to pay a single fee of £5 per household.  This was agreed on the basis that if at some future date, significant funds were required for a special purpose (e.g. a fighting fund) then the Association would be able to make a special plea and subsequently undertake fund raising by approaching residents directly, as necessary.

An AGM is usually held in October at the Whiteleaf Golf Club.   Following the formal part of the meeting, a guest speaker is invited to make a short presentation on matters of local interest and other interesting topics to residents of the hamlets who attend. The Committee may call Extraordinary Meetings at 14 days notice, in order to deal with any urgent topic connected with matters affecting the WCRA community.

AGM Minutes can be found here.

If you wish to contact us, our email address is info@whiteleafcadsden.org

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