History – Overview

Section 1. Introduction

This node of the web site contains “the History Project”, the purpose of which is to

  1. examine the origins of the hamlets of Whiteleaf and Cadsden,
  2. trace their development over time and, in particular
  3. capture for posterity interesting facts about the properties as well as anecdotes about the characters who have lived here over the years.

Copyrights of all materials published on this section of the site are retained by the authors, creators and/or publishers and it is not our intention to infringe them.  We ask that users of this site equally respect those rights by crediting authors, creators and/or publishers when using materials sourced from this site in any subsequent writing or posts on other websites.

We are grateful for the help and information provided by Chris Kingham (Princes Risborough Heritage Society) in developing this project and to Sandy Macfarlane for supplying many historical documents and photographs.   Thanks also to Daniel Laidler (former Cadsden resident) for many photos and to all those who have supplied details of their properties.   A special thank you is owing to Dick Shaw (ex-WCRA Hon. Sec.) since without whose organisation, the project would not be where it is today.   The project is by no means finished and it is hoped that over time, we will be able to add further community property details and photos to the project.

There are a number of sections, which you can access from this main screen, by clicking on the section highlighted in bold.

Section 2. History

The History section provides general information about the area prior to settlement and then traces the development of the hamlets over time. There are a number of references in the section to other documents on the website. To access these simply place the cursor where it says click here and left click.   To return to the document simply use the “back” button at the top left of your screen. Similarly you can view a PDF version of all the maps (except the Charter map – which is available by accessing the full charter document indicated in the text) by highlighting the map and clicking.

Section 3. Life

A section on Life in the hamlets and how it has evolved over time will be developed.

Section 4. Properties

Details of individual properties, where information has been collected to date can be found in the Properties section.   Please note that we currently only have information on those properties highlighted in bold.   To access information on a particular property, first go to the Properties section and follow the instructions there.

In some cases there are links in this section to former residents (included in the “Former Residents” section) to access, simply click on the name of the person if it is highlighted in bold.

Section 5. Former Residents

Profiles of some of the more famous people who have resided in the hamlets over time can be found in the Former Residents section.  There is a page per resident and access to these pages is either via the main Former Residents page or via links in the Properties section.   If Wikipedia is shown as a source and, if required, please consult Wikipedia for original reference sources.

Section 6. Bibliography / List of Documents

This section contains a list of books which have reference to life in the hamlets together with a full list of the History Project documents available on the website.   To view a particular document, simply highlight the document title and click.

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