Bibliography and List of Documents/Maps

Whiteleaf & Cadsden – A History of Residential Settlement

Section 6. Bibliography and List of Documents/Maps

A – Bibliography.

A number of books have been written about Whiteleaf, or feature Whiteleaf the village or individual houses within Whiteleaf. A selection of these is:-

Rumer Godden. A Time to Dance. No Time to Weep

Autobiography published by MacMillan

ISBN 0-333-42280-5


Rumer Godden. A House with Four Rooms

Autobiography volume 2 published by MacMillan ISBN 0-333-47288-8


Claire Leighton Four Hedges

Published by Little Toller Books

ISBN 978-0-9562545-3-5


Anthony John Your Peasant’s Guide to what went Wrong. The Schooling of a War Child.

Published by Original Writing Ltd. ISBN 978-1-907179-08-2


Kevin Crossley-Holland The Hidden Roads

Published by Quercus ISBN 978-1-84724-736-0


Benjamin Chilton The Secret of Whiteleaf Cross. Available in Princes Risborough Library


Leonard Bull The Icknield Halfway House. Available in Princes Risborough Library

B. List of Documents/Maps

These documents and maps are available on the Web site. To view, simply place the cursor on the appropriate number and click.

6.1       AD 903 Monks Risborough Charter and Map.

6.2       Doomsday Book Entry for Monks Risborough.

6.3       Whitecliffe – Extract from J. Andrews’ and A. Dury’s 25 Miles round Windsor 1777.

6.4       Full Enclosure Map of 1839.

6.5       Detail of Whiteleaf Enclosure Map 1839

6.6       Detail of Cadsden Enclosure Map 1839

6.7       1903 Whiteleaf Estate Sale Document

6.8       1903 Whiteleaf Estate Sale Map

6.9       1919 Whiteleaf Estate Sale Document

6.10     1919 Whiteleaf Estate Sale Map

6.11     1948 Whiteleaf House Sales Particulars

6.12     F. G. Parsons’ Old Records of Monks Risborough Part 1

6.13     F. G. Parsons’ Old Records of Monks Risborough Part 2

6.14     F. G. Parsons’ Old Records of Monks Risborough Part 3

6.15     University Country Club (Longridge) Prospectus

6.16     Cadsden House – Notes on Transactions 1832 – 1949, with an account of The Chiltern Hills Healtheries Company by Sandy Macfarlane.

6.17     Whiteleaf Conservation Area Character Survey 1966

6.18     Sketch Map of land in Whiteleaf owned by Monks Risborough Parochial Charities and Princes Risborough Town.

6.19     Old Estate Agents’ Sales Particulars

6.191   Middle House – January 1943

6.192   Woodlands – November 1948

6.193   “Cottage Properties” – covering Whiteleaf Cottage, Thatchers/Wood Cottage and Highrood and Melita (the last now called Cavall) – November 1948

6.194   Homeland – (now Kop End) – December 1948

6.195   St. Anne – (now Holly House) – November 1951

6.20 – A Memoir to Charles Humphrey Gow

6.21 – “A Chiltern Village” by F. G. Parsons

6.22 – A Short History of Whiteleaf Cross by Sandy Macfarlane

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