Whiteleaf & Cadsden – A History of Residential Settlement

Section 4 Properties

For ease of reference this section has been divided into three and each section has, at the start, a table of the properties included. The three sections are:-

Whiteleaf – Peters Lane and Westfields

Whiteleaf – Upper Icknield Way and all side roads.

Cadsden – For this purpose Cadsden includes all properties along the Cadsden Road and those houses on the Upper Icknield Way to the North of the Cadsden Road.

To access a particular property, first go to the particular section i.e. Cadsden by clicking on the bold section number above, then scroll down to the required property and highlight the house name and click. This will take you to the appropriate entry. Entries are arranged by street so that you can view nearby properties without having to return to the table.


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