AGM Minutes 2010

Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting held at Whiteleaf Golf Club.

Present: Mrs K. Symons (Chairman), Mr. R. Shaw (Hon. Secretary), Mr. E. France (Hon. Treasurer) Mr. J. Clegg, Mrs S. Robinson, Mr. S. Clark and 47 members.

  1. Apologies were received from the Fowke and Edwards households and from Mrs. L. Clegg, Mr. P. Masterton-Smith, Mrs. E. Russell and Mrs. S. Shaw.
  2. Minutes. There being no comments, the minutes of the 2009 AGM were agreed.
  3. Matters arising. The Secretary commented that there has been no progress in relation to the setting up of a web site, although this remains an objective.The Secretary also said that he had been in touch with Bucks County Council (“BCC”) on a number of occasions with regard to the road related issues raised last year. There had been no response at all to the clogging of the drains in Peters Lane. As for the resurfacing of the Holloway, budget constraints preclude this, however the road was inspected eventually on 4th February and 2 significant holes were filled. The other holes will be monitored for deterioration and filled if they become dangerous.An immediate response was received in relation to the gritting of the Holloway / Upper Icknield Road junction. BCC state that the junction will only be gritted if the snow is particularly bad. This last winter it was bad yet the junction was not gritted, presumably to conserve stocks of grit. As a result the Committee have applied to the Town Council for the provision of a bin and the Council have agreed to try to get the funding for the project from the Local Area Fund. If this is not successful the purchase of bins by groups of interested residents could be considered.
  4. Chairman’s report. The Chairman commented on the very good attendance at the meeting and welcomed new residents, inviting them to make contact with other residents. The Chairman also highlighted the fact that our Treasurer, Mr. Edward France, is stepping down from the Committee after 25 years and thanked him for his long and valuable contribution to the work of the Committee. There were no questions from the floor about the Chairman’s report.The Secretary updated the meeting on 3 issues in the report. Firstly the Park Mill developers have cancelled a meeting with Wycombe District Council in order to have more time to consider issues arising from the public consultation. Secondly Thames Water have now completed the update to the sewage works, which means that any major building project, which was on hold, can now proceed. Lastly the Community Bus project will start later in the year and information will be circulated by RARA shortly. Anyone interested in being a driver can leave their details at the information office.
  5. Annual accounts. The Treasurer commented on the accounts which revealed expenditure of £80 versus income of £211 (largely resulting from a surplus from the Golf Days). He invited any residents who had moved into the hamlets since 1st January 2003 to pay the one-off subscription of £5 if they have not already done so. The Treasurer also explained that the signing list was required by the Golf Club as residents buying drinks have to be signed in by a member. There were no questions from the floor about the Treasurer’s report.
  6. Elections. The Chairman Mrs. K. Symons was due to retire from the Committee and offered herself for re-election. Also there is a vacancy on the Committee and Mr. Peter Miles of Westfields has volunteered. There were no other candidates forthcoming.Mrs. Symons was duly re-elected, being proposed by Mrs. J. Masterton-Smith and seconded by Mr.K. Muras. Mr. P. Miles was duly elected, being proposed by Mr. E. France and seconded by Mr. D. Griggs. Mr. S. Clark was confirmed as the new Treasurer.
  7. Any other business. Mrs. S. Robinson made the meeting aware that, whilst the preferred Government option for the Proposed High Speed Rail link passes North of our area, there is a second option which runs from High Wycombe through a tunnel which returns above ground around Horsenden. Mr. M. Fox added that the Chilterns Conservation Board was very concerned about the proposed routes as construction of whichever route could well affect residents of Princes Risborough quite considerably.Mrs. Robinson also drew the attention of members to the new recycling arrangements for those on two-weekly collections.The Secretary reported that BCC have confirmed that a weed killing programme will be carried out on the lower part of Whiteleaf Cross, once the weather improves and a contractor can be found who is prepared to work on the slope. There will also be a manual scrape of the upper part of the cross.

    The timeline on the Cross has been vandalised again to the extent that BCC now consider its repair and replacement too expensive. They now propose to retain the bench but to remove the panels and supports on the rear of the bench, and to erect a flint toposcope in place of the existing wooden structure. Our comments have been sought and it was agreed that the Secretary would consolidate responses.

The formal meeting closed at 8. 40pm

Councillor Alan Turner, Mayor of PRTC, highlighted a number of issues:-

a)      One-way System . This has provoked a lot of comment, much positive and some negative (particularly from some retailers). After a meeting with BCC a filter system will be introduced at the top of the High Street to ease congestion, the cycle lane will be reviewed and some extra parking will made available in Duke St.

b)      The Molins Sports Field. Wycombe District Council are now not backing compulsory purchase of the site, however the Town Council is looking at other options to retain the site for recreation.

c)      Salt Bin. The Council will fight to get this, but it could be worthwhile for residents to contact our BCC representative Mr. Carl Etholon over these issues to exert more pressure.

d)     Housing.  It is expected that the Pictsmead development will go ahead sometime this year. As for Park Mill Mr. Turner said that personally he couldn’t see the benefit of the development and that he was concerned that if a small development was approved there would be little to stop subsequent development of the site.

e)      British Legion. An action group has been formed to try to keep this open.

f)       Parliamentary Boundary change. Risborough is now within the Buckingham constituency, which means we will have Mr. Bercow, the Speaker, as our MP if he is returned and thus have little representation. Mr. P. Philips is apparently standing as an independent with conservative values.

Mr. P. Gehnich, the president of Monks Risborough Cricket Club, had been invited to update the residents on the club’s plans following the fire in the pavilion. He gave a very detailed presentation, which highlighted the club’s desire to continue the long standing tradition of cricket in Whiteleaf, the outline of a new pavilion and the fund raising activities the club has planned to raise the funds required. He also apologised for the inconvenience caused to the immediate neighbours.

After the meeting, Mr. Tony Davies gave a most informative talk on last year’s popular Kop Hill Climb and said that he hoped that this year’s event would be even bigger and better. Mr. P. Danks won the auction for a passenger seat in one of the cars.

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