AGM Minutes 2012

Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting held at Whiteleaf Golf Club.

Present: Mrs K. Symons (Chairman), Mr. R. Shaw (Hon. Secretary), Mr. S. Clark (Hon. Treasurer), Mr. J. Clegg, Mr. P. Miles, Mrs S. Robinson, and 37 members.

  1. Apologies were received from Mr. P. Masterton-Smith, Mr. D. Miller, Mr. D. Robinson, Mrs. L. Clegg and Mrs. S. Shaw.
  2. Minutes. There being no comments, the minutes of the 2011 AGM were agreed.
  3. Matters arising. The Chairman said that there were no matters arising from last year’s AGM which had not been covered in newsletters or were commented on in the Chairman’s report.
  4. Chairman’s report. The Chairman welcomed everyone and especially the new residents and then picked up on the key points in her report, highlighting the need to keep an interest in development matters in Princes Risborough, which, whilst not affecting our residents directly, can have a knock-on effect on existing infrastructure and facilities provision in the area. The Chairman also highlighted the development of the W&CRA website and the social activities enjoyed last year. There were no questions from the floor about the Chairman’s report.
  5. Annual accounts. The Treasurer commented on the accounts which contained only one transaction. There were no questions from the floor about the Treasurer’s report and this was approved.
  6. Elections. The Secretary, Mr. R. Shaw, Mr. J. Clegg and Mrs. S. Robinson were due to retire from the Committee and offered themselves for re-election. There were no other candidates forthcoming. Mr. Shaw was duly re-elected, having been proposed by Mr. P. Miles and seconded by Mrs. J. Masterton-Smith. Mr. Clegg was proposed by Mrs. Symons and seconded by Mr. K. Muras and Mrs. Robinson was proposed by Mrs. Symons and seconded by Mr. M. Pitcher. Both were duly re-elected.
  7. Whiteleaf Hill and the Chiltern Society.
    Roger Newman, a trustee of the Chiltern Society (“CS”) had been invited to the AGM to update the residents on matters relating to Whiteleaf Hill. Roger said that some time ago the Society had been looking to increase the number of sites it manages. Bucks County Council (“BCC”) and more recently Wycombe District Council (“WDC”) have been looking to hand-over management of many of the Nature reserves they own. The result is that CS is negotiating to take over management (not ownership) of both Whiteleaf Hill and Brush Hill hopefully within the next six months. The Society is keen to get more people interested in helping to maintain as well as enjoying the sites. If you would like to know more about CS this can be obtained from or if you do not have internet access you can contact the Society on 01494 771250.In response to a question, Roger said that the timeline was to be removed completely and be replaced by a simple post and rail barrier (for safety reasons not for seating) and that rustic seating will be installed further up the hill and to one side. The toposcope will be replaced with a cairn similar to that on Brush Hill. The Society has no plans for major development of the sites but would look to add some educational notices on Whiteleaf Hill at points between the car park and the top of the Cross.
  8. Jubilee Beacon on Whiteleaf Hill
    Roger Newman also informed the meeting that sadly, due to archaeological and insurance reasons, there would be no beacon on the Hill.
  9. Any other business.
    David Adams commented on the amount of noise at Thatchers and asked if anyone knew whether all the work related to Thatchers. The Chairman said that she had contacted HWDC since it appeared that the builder may have been undertaking works for other parties at the lock-up garage at the premises. A response had been received from HWDC which confirmed that the matter remained under investigation.Anne Baker confirmed that she and Carole Frodsham were organising a sausage sizzle for the Jubilee weekend and were keen to know which day suited most residents. Saturday 2nd June was preferred by most attendees. Further details will be circulated nearer the time but residents should bring their own drink and if possible bake cakes. Also some additional barbecues will be needed.

    Sue Robinson outlined this years’ proposed walk through the hamlets (in July or September), which would focus on existing and former residents and the homes in which they lived. She appealed for more information and for residents who would be prepared to talk about their house and the history of it during the walk. Watch the newsletter for more information.

    Richard Thomas asked about the junction of Upper Icknield Way and Peters Lane. The Secretary said that he had written to BCC, but they were still investigating the ownership of the road boundary. If the fence cannot be removed we will ask for a mirror to be installed.

The formal meeting closed at 8.45pm
Councillor Eunice Clifford (“EC”), Mayor of PRTC, highlighted a number of issues:-

a)      One-way System. This will stay, but with modifications. The cycle lane will be removed and additional legal parking spaces will be set up in Duke St. Video evidence of traffic flows will be available at the annual town meeting (Wednesday 18th April at the Community Centre). Asked whether the traders had been surveyed, EC said yes and the result was marginally in favour. The survey results are in Crosstalk. Keith Muras asked whether the buses could be moved to New Road. EC said that the bus companies were against it as were the traders as they fear it would affect business. This was in fact a HWDC issue.

b)      The Molins Sports Field. PRTC still hope to purchase the site and have re-opened direct negotiations with Molins.

c)      Community Centre. The Council are trying to get funding to develop a new community centre on Wades Park adjacent to the current facilities.

d)     Town Centre Regeneration. This is proceeding satisfactorily and there may only be 3 or 4 empty shops in a few months time. Birchnells old shop will re-open as a Zizi or ASK restaurant.

e)      Parking. WDC will not accept free parking, except for the limited times over Christmas. However there will be an additional 100 new spaces down by the station, which will be pay and display.

f)       Housing. EC confirmed that the Council hopes that the Park Mill development will not be approved and building will commence shortly on the development by the station.

g)      RAF March. EC was proud to announce that the RAF have been given Freedom of the District and that they have chosen to march through Princes Risborough on 28th May. There will be an inspection in the Market Square, a service at St. Mary’s and a gathering on Wades Park.

After the meeting, Mr. Francis Gomme of the Risborough Countryside Group gave a very interesting talk and slide show of Whiteleaf and Cadsden through the ages, starting with the Neolithic barrow on Whiteleaf Hill, and tracing certain key features of interest such as the Black Hedge, Grim’s Ditch and the hill fort on Pulpit Hill.

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